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MAROM Europe Conference in Paris 2011

The MAROM Europe network started 2011 with an inspiring meeting in Paris on February 4th to 6th.  Participants came from Stockholm, Budapest, Valencia and London to meet with local MAROM Paris members and leaders, as well as to plan the year ahead.

Updates from MAROM AMLAT

Updates from MAROM AMLAT

The huge challenge of MAROM in Latin America is to provide a Jewish, Masorti, Zionist and young alternative, on one side to the apathy that pervades some of the youth and the other to the frameworks targeted by Jewish Orthodoxy in the continent.

MAROM Europe meeting in London

MAROM Europe conference summary

Early March, 2010, over 30 young adults from 11 difference European countries met in London for an intense 3-day conference. The conference focused on leadership and vision building for these young MAROM leaders who are challenged with continuing the important task of ensuring activities for pluralistic Jewish students and young adults in their local cities.

Testimony from a LejLeja participant

My Israel Experience
Maximiliano Shalom, 15/03/2010

Not so long ago, the idea of spending a year of my life studying in Israel seemed distant and exotic. I have always been interested in studying Torah in an optimal environment, and for the past few years I have been looking into experiencing life outside of Argentina and seeing the world from another point of view.

JTA article: Moishe House bringing community to Budapest Jews

Moishe House bringing community to Budapest Jews JTA's Ruth Ellen Gruber writes about the Moishe House in Budapest - who's residents are also very active in Dor Chadash and MAROM Budapest

Marom Europe meeting in Paris

Marom Europe representatives meeting in Kehillat Adath Shalom, Paris - 3-6/12/2009
Report by Eszter Susan
We exchanged ideas and experienceses. We shared our exisiting programs and planned programs for the upcoming year.

Marom AMLAT representatives seminar

Masorti Amlat Seminar – Santiago de Chile 2009

Last week I had the honor of attending the second Latin American Seminar as the delegate from Uruguay.  There were two representatives from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and one from Rio de Janeiro, four from Santiago de Chile and one from Uruguay.

During three days there were many activities programmed, which turned the seminar into an unforgettable experience.  These are some of the things I’ll never forget:

Nearby Realities…

Marom Israel and Marom Olami cooperation

After lighting Channukah candles at the Kotel with 300 people, Marom Olami and Marom Israel participants got together to sit in a pub with Rabbi Michael Melchior - an Orthodox rabbi, former Knesset Minister and head of the Meimad-Green Party that ran for the 2009 elections. Together we delved into our personal responsibility to forward change in Israel as native Israeli and as Olim. There was a very nice atmosphere, with drinks and Sufganiot, as we discussed the events that have been taking place in the past few months in Jerusalem and the non-Charedi's part in Judaism.

MAROM-Chazit Ha'noar Shnat Hachshara summary

I was asked to write about my Shnat Hachshara, which is definitely one of the most difficult questions that I have to answer. I would prefer to be questioned about the first Aliyah, or who the Prime Minister when Camp David accord was signed was, or even to report my opinion about one of the hardest issues of the Israeli society right now, Gilad Shalit.