MERCAZ - Anchored In The Past & Soaring Toward The Future

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MERCAZ Olami is the Zionist organization of the world Masorti/Conservative Movement. We promote and support Zionist education, Israel programs and aliyah in our movement and work to enhance the quality of Jewish life in Israel. We believe in the centrality of Israel in the life and consciousness of the Jewish People and the unity of the Jewish People wherever they may live.
MERCAZ represents the interests of Masorti/Conservative Judaism in the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren Kayemeth LeYisrael (the Jewish National Fund). We are the advocate and the force that guarantees funding for religious streams that is so crucial to our Movement.
MERCAZ links Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora together with Israel through tourism, Jewish education, study of the Hebrew language, "people-to-people" partnerships, short-and long-term Israel programs and Aliyah.

  • Rabbi Vernon Kurtz (far-right), former President of MERCAZ Olami, speaking at a Jewish Agency Assembly

Where are we?

MERCAZ chapters can be found in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Netherlands, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine, and in Australia, our most recently formed chapeter. Click here for the full list of country chapters.

Why join MERCAZ?

A strong MERCAZ within the WZO and JAFI is vital to the development of our Movement around the world and in Israel. It is also critical to our ability to influence the agenda and the distribution of resources of these organizations, which together have a tremendous impact on world Jewry - particularly in the areas of Israel-Diaspora relations, Jewish Zionist education, and aliyah.
Our strength is a function of our representation within the Zionist Congress, which in turn is a direct result of our ability to "turn out the vote" during elections to the Zionist Congress, as well as our involvement in Zionist Federations throughout the Diaspora by virtue of which we gain representation to the Zionist Congress.

Direct Benefits of a Strong MERCAZ representation
The following are among the benefits to our movement as a result of the efforts of MERCAZ:

  • •    $1.7 million of direct allocations to Masorti institutions in Israel every year  
  • •    Hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants over the years to Conservative / Masorti educational projects around the world
  • •    Shlichim for our youth movement and communities throughout the Diaspora
  • •    Over $500,000 to meet the religious and educational needs of Masorti / Conservative Jews outside of Israel through the Pluralistic Religious Allocation Funding of the WZO
  • •    Nearly $100,000 for developing Zionist programs for our constituency throughout the world
  • •    Support for a variety of activities intended to promote Israel programs and aliyah among our membership