Conservative Aliyah Campaign

This page is dedicated to Conservative/Masorti Aliyah to Israel - If you are interested in finding out more about aliyah, please contact our Conservative/Masorti shlichim (emissaries) who can help you with the process and assist you in making contacts with Masorti congregations and communities in Israel:

In Latin America please contact Yoel Schvartz -
In USA please contact Naomi Freedman -
In the UK please contact Reli Israeli -
To contact the Masorti Movement in Israel or other Conservative/Masorti olim from North America living in Israel, please contact Rabbi Paul Freedman, the Director of the Israel Commission for USCJ - or please visit

To connect with Masorti olim from Latin America, please contact Lucas “Pato” Ledjerman, Latin American Chair of Marom Olami -
On February 13th, 2009 at the Agron Youth Hostel and Fuchsberg Center in Jerusalem the Rabbinical Assembly put on a program on Conservative Aliyah. Please click here to read more about this event.
For more information on A CALL TO ACTION - The Conservative/Masorti Movement's campaign to promote Conservative Aliyah to Israel - or if you would like to download a flyer please click here.