Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano “Marshall T. Meyer”

José Hernández 1750, Buenos Aires (1426), Argentina
Buenos Aires
Contact Person And E-mail Address: 

Gabriel Mysler - President

Telephone Number: 
(005411) 4783-2009 / (005411)4783-6175
Fax Number: 
(005411) 4781-4056

    * The Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano, founded in 1963, is the only (non-Orthodox) institution in Latin America that offers the following proposals:
1.       Rabbinical Training Institute: This institute trains rabbis to serve all Latin America.
2.       Primary School Teacher Training Institute: This institute trains morim to serve primaries school in all Latin America.
3.       High School and Tertiary Teacher Training Institute: This institute trains morim to serve high schools and tertiaries in all Latin America.
4.       Chazanim (liturgical singers) and Music Teacher Training Institute: This institute trains chazanim and music teachers to serve all Latin America.
5.        Tertiary Institute of Judaic Studies: This institute serves all those who want to study Judaism academically, though without dedicating to Jewish education.
6.       Sofrim (scribes) Training Institute: This institute trains sofrim who write Torah Scrolls, Mezuzot and Tephilin for all Latin America.
7.       Mohalim (Circumcisioners) Training Institute: This institute trains mohalim to serve in all Brit Mila (circumcision) ceremonies throughout Latin American communities.
·         Department of Jewish Introduction (Conversion): This department offers daily classes to people from other creeds willing to adopt Judaism (conversion). Upon completion of their studies,  the students are examined by a rabbinical court.
·         Department of Placement:  This department seeks to generate new  work fields to assure the work insertion of our graduates. Likewise, the department regulates the contractual rules of the institutions that host professionals graduated from the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano.
·         Department of Adult Education: This department generates cultural and educational activities for adults. It is divided into two areas:
         1. Adult School: Weekly course that lasts two-years (4 four-month periods), offering 8 intense courses (to say:  Israeli Current Affairs, Kabalah, Jewish Festivities, Ethical Dilemmas from a Jewish Perspective, Cycles of Jewish Life, Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy and Bible)  lectured by specialists
2.       Conferences and Cultural Activities: The Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano periodically offers top-level conferences and cultural activities.
·         Research and Publication Department: This department researches and publishes articles and academic books in Judaic sciences and Jewish education. The Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano has a quarterly academic publication called “Majshavot”  (Thoughts) as well as an editorial that publishes academic books in Judaic sciences and Jewish education in Spanish.
·         Rabbinical Assistance Department:  This department assists people who need companionship and spiritual assistance.  Rabbis and rabbinical students weekly visit jails and hospitals in Buenos Aires.
·         Department of Ecumenical Relations: This department generates activities with members of other creeds and cultures.
·         Family Department: This department offers different services that families need, to say: weddings, divorces, burials, etc.

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