Circulo Israelita de Santiago

Comandante Malbec 13210
Name of Rabbi: 
Rabbi Eduardo Waingortin
E-mail of Rabbi:
Contact Person And E-mail Address: 

Jorge Ancelovici  (President)

Telephone Number: 
(+56 2) 240 - 5000

The scope of the activities of the “Comunidad Israelita de Santiago” today is very broad, including the religious, educational, social, cultural, and welfare areas, as well as support of communities in other cities, encompassing members off all age groups.
The “Comunidad Israelita de Santiago” has developed a successful and progressively growing range of activities during the last 15 years.  At present, the “Comunidad”, with 850 member families, is the most important Jewish institution in Chile.
Its activities are designed for all age groups, starting with children of 4 to members of the golden age. 
Of these we can highlight the following:
- A youth movement, Bet-El, with 300 children and teenagers.
- School of madrichim: 40 youngsters who study for 2 years to become madrichim.
- A group of university students called Beit Midrash Kehilati, comprising more than 100 youngsters weekly.
- Atid, our official dance group (rikudim), with girls between 12 and 18 years of age and also a group of rikudim for adults and youngsters.
- C.E.A., our Extension Center for the Elders, which counts with 70 participants over the age of 65
- Groups of Judaic and Talmud Torah Studies
- Hei! – social group and study group for youngsters between 18- 35 years.
- Institute of Judaic Studies “Etz Jaim”
- Groups of Hebrew Language Studies
- At present, we give support to 72 Jewish families. This includes financial support, food and clothing.
- “Kef” for kids between 5- 12 years.
Apart from all this, the “Comunidad” offers a broad variety of workshops, teaching of Judaism, handicrafts and recreational activities.
The activities of the Comunidad Israelita de Santiago are open to the all the jewish community in Chile, of all ideological branches, no restrictions. The Comunidad Israelita de Santiago also supports the activities of small communities of the rest of the country receiving their youngsters in our summer camps, and sending shlichim, for the Jewish Holidays, to places like La Serena, Temuco and mainly, Concepción.
Our Congregation counts on a solid professional base, with highly qualified personnel and a Rabbi who, besides his Congregation functions, represents the Jewish Congregation before the official political and Church authorities. A young Rabbi, who was reaised in our Community, has recently joined our work.
The Comunidad Israelita de Santiago, is affiliated to the Masorti Movement and the Latin-American Rabbinical Seminary, “Marshal T. Meyer”

Mailing Address: 
Comandante Malbec 13210, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile
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