Masorti Missions - Make a Visit Today!

Have you ever felt like making a personal visit to a Masorti Kehilla? Did you dream of traveling to the Jewish communities of Uganda, Cambodia, Peru, Hungary or even Beer Sheva?

Experience the excitement of meeting your Jewish brethren in their Masorti communities around the world,

  • Meet the leaders and future leaders of the kehillot.
  • Learn the history and customs of the Jews in the area.
  • Study Jewish texts of scholars written in the country you are visiting.
  • Enjoy the special sites and tastes of the region.

All this and more when you join a Masorti Olami Mission!

Masorti Olami sponsors missions to Europe, Latin America and the FSU, allowing an inside glimpse into the excitement of our developing movement around the world. Some of our missions are linked to special events such as a regional conference or leadership meeting. 

We are also happy to work with you and your congregation to create a special trip geared to your own interests and needs. 

Rabbi Ken Tarlow, from South Orange, New Jersey visited St. Petersburg. The following is an excerpt from his report:

“I must tell you that my wife and I found this to be a most moving experience. In my case, from my Seminary days and certainly for the years following, we have always been aware of the World Council of Synagogues, MERCAZ and now Masorti Olami. But this awareness was really one based on solicitations and testimonials of people who had visited Jewish communities in South America and Europe. It is quite different when one visits such a community himself—when one’s hand is grabbed and clasped and shaken in love and friendship and, most of all, in appreciation. We now feel connected to the Conservative community of St. Petersburg and it was very clear they feel connected to us…”
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