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Update on Kehillat Masoret Kiev

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As the news from Kiev, Ukraine worsens and grows more violent, we spoke this morning with our Masorti/Conservative  Rabbi Reuven Stamov and his wife Lena who are in Israel for a short visit.  Their two young daughters are still in Ukraine but are staying with their grandmother outside of the city. 

2013 Message from Masorti Olami Incoming President, Gillian Caplin

‘Incoming President’ is an interesting title and I think now that I am coming to the end of my year  in this role I am finally beginning to understand what it means – a total immersion in the life of Masorti Olami in an effort to begin to understand what the Masorti world really looks like in all its different guises.

Rosh Hashanah Message from Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

Rosh Hashanah this year begins in the evening on September 4 on the Gregorian calendar.  This is the earliest secular date for Rosh Hashanah since 1899.  We all know, of course, that the first of Tishrei is the start of the Jewish New Year.  And the first of Tishrei comes at the same time every year after the month of Elul.  

Mourning in a Jewish State? Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

On the Jewish calendar, we have now entered the period known as the 3 weeks.  The 3 weeks begin with the fast of the 17th of Tammuz, which marks the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem and ends with the 9th of Av which marks the destruction of both the 1st and 2nd Temples.  


Masorti Europe Board Meeting in Brussels

During a Shabbat and Sunday, the Masorti Europe Board was hosted by our Massorti community in Brussels, Chir Chadash  along with  the Grundtvig Learning Partnership Programme.  Gathering in Brussels were participants from Masorti Kehiillot in France, Holland, Spain, UK, Portugal, Czech Republic, Budapest and Germany.

Historic Masorti Bet Din in Lisbon

 from left: Rabbi Reuven Hammer, Rabbi Chaim Weiner, Rabbi Jules Harlow, Juliana and Edgar
On April 26 in Lisbon, Portugal, a historic Masorti Bet Din (Rabbinic Court) gathered in Lisbon to oversee the halachic conversation of two young adults.