Masorti Olami team

Lay Leadership

Alan H. Silberman - President Masorti Olami

Alan has served as President of Masorti Olami since December, 2005, transitioning over the past year to become Immediate Past President this December. He served previously as a Vice President and Executive Committee member of Masorti Olami and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency and the Executive of the World Zionist Organization. He is a partner in the international law firm of Dentons LLP, chair emeritus of its legacy antitrust, franchising and distribution practice and a former Chair of the Antitrust Section of the American Bar.

Dr. David Breakstone - International Vice-President of MERCAZ and Masorti Olami

Dr. David Breakstone is the Vice Chair of the World Zionist Organization, and a member of the WZO and JAFI Executives, where he is the official representative of MERCAZ Olami (the worldwide Zionist arm of Masorti / Conservative Judaism). Prior to assuming this position in the fall of 2000, Dr. Breakstone was the Director of Ramah Programs in Israel.

Gillian Caplin, Incoming Masorti Olami President

Gillian Caplin grew up in Birmingham, England but has lived in North West London for most of her adult life.  She is a committed and dedicated lay-leader in the Masorti movement both in London and on the national and international level.  She is a former Chairperson of the New North London Synagogue and the Assembly of Masorti Synagogues (AMS) as well as representing the Masorti community on the Jewish Leadership Council’s Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership.

Dr. Joanna Kubar - President, Masorti Europe

Joanna Kubar was one of the founders of the Maayane Or Masorti Community in Nice, France. Joanna served as its President from 2000 to 2006, during which Maayane Or grew from a small group of passionate and dedicated people to a vibrant community of more than 100 hundred families with its own full-time Rabbi.
In 2006, Joanna joined the Steering Group for Masorti Europe, which later became the Masorti Europe Board, serving first as Secretary and then as Vice President. She was appointed President of Masorti Europe in October 2011. Joanna also represents Masorti Europe on the Board of Massorti France.

Professional Leadership

Rabbi Tzvi Graetz - Executive Director of Masorti Olami and MERCAZ Olami

Born in Israel, Rabbi Tzvi Graetz (הרב צבי גרץ) is a second generation Masorti (Conservative) Jew who has spent his career working to build and promote Israel’s Masorti Institutions. Since 2007, he has served as the Executive Director of Masorti Olami and MERCAZ OLAMI.

Rabbi Chaim Weiner - Director of Masorti Europe and of the European Masorti Bet Din

Rabbi Chaim Weiner received his smicha [Rabbinic Ordination] from the Schechter Institute of Judaic Studies in Jerusalem. He graduated in 1989, in the second graduating class of the Bet Midrash. He was National Director of NOAM in Israel for three years, (1988-91) before taking up the pulpit at the Edgware Masorti Synagogue (1991-98) in London. He followed Dr. Louis Jacobs as the Rabbi of the New London Synagogue, in London, England.