Rabbi Hanna Klebansky - Sofer Stam

Rabbi Hanna Klebansky is a Masorti Rabbi and was trained as a Sofer Stam (scribe of Jewish religious artefacts) in 2006.

She was trained in Israel, and although not officially accredited (due to the Jewish religious authorities inability to accept female scribes) she completed all of her studies with diligence and dedication.
Based in Jerusalem, Rabbi Klebanksy writes a wide range of Jewish religious documents including megilot, k'tubot, the scrolls for mezuzzot and tefillin and also Sifrei Torah.
She is now also collaborating with the Women's Torah project to write the first women-scribed torah scroll. To read more about this project, please go to www.womenstorah.com

Click here to read an article about Hanna Klebansky’s work, or download the article in pdf format below on our page: http://www.jta.org/news/article/2010/10/15/2741314/an-all-women-torah-is...

If you would like to purchase any religious documents or scrolls written by Rabbi Klebanksy, please contact her :
Email : hannaklebansky@gmail.com
Phone : In Israel 054-621-1855
              International +972-54-621-1855

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