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Gloria Landy, main representative, and Judy Horowitz, alternate, represent the World Council of Conservative Synagogues—Masorti Olami—in the Non-Governmental Organizations to the Department of Public Information in association with the United Nations. Gloria serves as a member of the steering committee for the Jewish NGOs and was a member of the steering committee for the AAJLJ Durban II Counter Conference which took place in April. 


Gloria and Judy have done outstanding work throughout the years keeping us well informed about the work and policy of the UN and bringing many important issues to our attention. We thank them for their efforts and devotion.


Judy Horowitz (left) and Gloria Landy (right)

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UN Advocacy News items



Holocaust Memorial Commemorations at the UN

Gloria Landy braved the snow in New York City to participate in a full week of memorial and commemoration events at the United Nations. Read her full report here.


A Story of Grace and Disgrace at the UN

Judy Horowitz recently visited the UN to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech. Click here for Judy's refelction on the Prime Minister's speech.

Cyber Hate - Danger in Cyberspace

Gloria Landy & Judy Horowitz, recently attended an all-day session United Nations Unlearning Intolerance Seminar on cyber-hate and cyber-bulluying. Read their full report to see why they believe that this seminar was a real opportunity to discuss how intolerance can be “unlearned” through education, inclusion and positive example.
For further information, please contact Gloria Landy: ewl33@aol.com 
To find out more about the work of the Department of Public Information of the UN, go to: http://www.un.org/dpi/ngosection/index.asp
Below are documents for further reading about the DPI NGOs work, including a letter of thanks from the Durban II Counter Conference organizers.

2009 Calendar Schedule23 KB
Durban II Counter Conference44.5 KB
Holocaust Education42 KB
Darfur27.5 KB
Report on DPI Annual Conference27.5 KB
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