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NOAM Olami Leadership Seminar April 2013

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On Friday, April 19 and Saturday April 20, 2013, Masorti Olami and MAROM Olami organized a leadership seminar for 40 participants in Masorti/Conservative year programs in Israel. We gathered together from the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Israel and the United Kingdom at Karei Deshe Youth Hostel on Lake Kinneret for a memorable Shabbat.

The 3rd NOAM Olami International Leadership Seminar - October 2012

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Masorti Olami presents the 3rd NOAM Olami International Leadership Seminar
For leaders and directors of Masorti youth organizations, to learn about the diversity and reality of Jewish Zionist education in Masorti communities around the world.

NOAM Olami Shabbaton for Long-term program participants

Participants of NOAM long-term programs from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Israel, UK and USA came together at Kibbutz Almog on September 23rd and 24th for a weekend of vision, values and fun – all in a unique Masorti atmosphere.
The weekend included the following activities :

NOAM Olami - Second Leadership Seminar

Dec 15, 2010
Representatives from Masorti youth organizations in seven countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Israel, UK and USA—helped to plan and execute the seminar which was based at the New North London Synagogue.

Drachim - Noam UK gap year in Israel visit Sderot

After being in Israel for three months and with another five months until our gap year program with Noam ends, we decided to take a trip to Sderot. Sitting in a beautiful park, freshly watered grass and pristine children’s apparatus, it was hard to believe that we were resting in one of the most dangerous towns in Israel. 8000 rockets have been fired at it over the past eight years, causing destruction, injuries, and sometimes fatalities.

Update from NOAM Argentina, July 2009

NOAM Mazkir (General Secretary), Alejandro Cozachcow sent us this report on NOAM’s activities over the past 3 months.